Kav Rees of Best Reads


I have been reviewing Christian Fiction for seven years now and it started by accident.  I began my blog as a way to keep track of the books I read – kind of an online reading diary with very sparse reviews meant just for me. I liked the fact that I could tag books by author, genre and subject (that’s the librarian in me.) I never thought it would get any notice! But then I got a few followers and a comment or two and it slowly grew from there.

I fleshed out my reviews and started posting them on Goodreads, CBD, Amazon and Chapters as well. It’s still a very modest blog. No bells and whistles. It’s not pretty. (I’m a technology dunce.) My focus has always been on reading and reviewing…and in the last several years, giveaways too. So I review a different book a day from Monday to Saturday and each book includes a giveaway opportunity. Sunday I announce the winners and post what I’ll be reviewing and giving away in the coming week. 

 Here’s the Link!   http://bestreads-kav.blogspot.ca/

Kav, what piece of advice would you offer authors who are just starting out?

Make sure your website or blog (or both) is up to date. It amazes me the number of times I discover a new-to-me-author and I rush to their website to find out if they have other books out or when the next book is coming out and….nada. Nothing. Zilch. So frustrating. 


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